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Benefits of Clarity Value
  • Automate clerical work so you can focus on what’s more important.

  • Clear. Trackable. Capable.

  • Cut costs, not corners.

  • All in one system for what’s most important.

Frequently asked questions

Can legacy data be uploaded into the platform?

Yes, we support ingestion of legacy data in various formats right out of the box! We can also support the exportation and ingestion of legacy data housed in other data management systems.

Does the platform support API integration?

Yes, we support API integration for industry-standard systems such as ESRI's ArcGIS, and common databases like Oracle and Salesforce.

If I need to make changes to the platform configuration who do I contact?

We understand that your needs and processes change, that’s why we built our platform to enable you to easily reconfigure the platform on your own. However, if you do need additional support you can always reach us at support@clarityvalue.co.

Can I use Clarity Value for my department/agency workflow management needs?

Of course! We specialize in building customized end-to-end workflow solutions to fit just about any government use case.

What type of reports or analyses can I run with the data stored on the platform?

Our platform supports self-service data analytics, reporting, and visualization. The platform enables you track, report, and analyze the metrics most important to you.

Do I need to understand code or have a technical background to use the platform?

No! We’ve designed our platform to be intuitive and easy to use. No training is required, and no coding experience is needed to use our platform.

We already use software like Microsoft Planner for our workflows, how are you different?

We offer a more comprehensive range of features and functionality including the ability to customize and configure the platform to match your internal workflow processes and share/receive information from external stakeholders.