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Make what should be easy, as easy as it should be.

You make the government work for the people. We make the government work.

Meet Clarity Value, powered by technology and designed for people.

No more guesswork.

Clear. Trackable. Capable. Get everyone on the same page — in real time.

No more busywork.

Save time. Work smarter. Easily automate and manage forms, payments and interactions.

No more patchwork.

Not too little. Not too much. Exactly what you need—all in one place.

Modern tools built for today’s government.

Focus on moving your community forward. We’ll handle the rest.

Your systems should solve problems, not create more. We make it easy to streamline tasks and communication, adapt to evolving needs, and collaborate to fix core issues—all in one place.

  • Built for government.

    Quickly structure even the most complicated workflows and handle all of your case management in a secure environment.

  • Customized for you.

    We don’t just digitize existing workflows. We take the time to fully understand your processes and ensure our solution is right for your agency.

  • Designed with change in mind.

    Governments evolve. So do we. Our cloud-based platform’s regular updates help you stay, well, up-to-date.

Built for government

  • Better work starts with time saved. We make it simple to collect forms, payments and more.

  • Everything you need - and nothing you don’t. With us, customization is standard.

  • Enhanced measures to protect sensitive information—always.

Built for people

  • Easy to implement. Easier to use. Our intuitive interface keeps it simple—no need for intensive training sessions.

  • Our easy-to-use interface encourages community engagement and makes workflow management a breeze.

Built for your budget

  • Cut costs, not corners. We make real-time collaboration easy and intuitive—without hefty implementation costs and unnecessary complexity.

  • We can solve your specific workflow problems and work with other APIs. No need to get bids or hire multiple agencies to cobble together what you need.

Real-time collaboration

Workflow and case management

Record deduplication

Easy communication

Review, approve and issue permits

Create business rules

View project requirements

Optimized land management, case management and resource planning

Accept payments

... and that’s just to start.